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Big Data and Privacy: 4 Concerns and 4 Counter Measures

Big Data and Privacy: 4 Concerns and 4 Counter Measures
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Past couple of years have raised multiple data concerns and issues related to big data and privacy. Many companies that handle huge data volume face the common threats of data leaks, privacy issues, or failure of consumer privacy law maintenance. The digital age does present its fair share of concerns to the customers – its natural.

The complex threat for data landscape can only be understood with good knowledge and practical applications. Big data and privacy play important roles in leveraging business. To secure data, let us discuss some of the important safety concerns and counter measures that can be employed.

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4 Safety Concerns

  1. Data storage
  2. Data brokerage
  3. Data privacy
  4. Data management

Data Storage

Cloud storage has become one of the most sought-after storage methods for data in the present IT era. However, it also comes with its own set of risks. Storing every detail on the cloud is not recommended as it is vulnerable to cyberthreats at some of time. Prepare both cloud storage and on-site server storage at the same time. Storing sensitive data on-site will provide better security to the data.

Data Brokerage

Although selling of data is legal, certain data brokers often sell unprotected and incorrect data to companies. Such false information can’t be used for data analysis and will always show wrong results. Buying information is not wrong, but ensure that the data is right, authentic, and useable.

Data Privacy

Privacy in the internet age of data is difficult to achieve. Data privacy is really difficult in the face of major cyberattacks. What companies can make sure is to ensure that they follow the strictest access management, privacy compliance regulations, and strengthen data protection policies.

Data Management

Not only the gathered data needs to be securely stored but also it needs to be managed well to avoid data breaches. A superior database management system is vital to secure the data. It grants access control, data encryption, data segmentation, and data partitioning to the business. Many security tools can also be integrated into the management system to secure and manage the data.

4 Safety Counter Measures

  1. Real-time monitoring
  2. Homomorphic encryption
  3. Controlled data collection
  4. Internal threats

Real-time Monitoring

Finding an end-to-end solution to the data breach and security issues associated with big data is difficult. Only by monitoring the data 24/7 can there be some chances of preventing the attacks on data. Real-time monitoring can help you figure out data breaches on the go and execute counter measures.

Homomorphic Encryption

Encrypting all the data stored in the cloud makes it secure, but the users may find it difficult to use as they may have to decrypt it first and use later. One of the solutions is to implement homomorphic encryption to the data. The vendors or users can directly utilize the data without decrypting for data analytics. It also helps the organizations to not enclose the sensitive data.

Controlled Data Collection

“The more the merrier” can’t always be applied in data collection. Yes, you can do more analytics with more data, but is also increases data security risks. Gather only the relevant data that business needs to work with. Organizations should consider deleting personal details like SSN, login credentials, images, etc. once they collect the data relevant for business purposes.

Internal Threats

The chances of employees bringing a threat to the data of a company is an existent problem. It can be intentional, coincidental, or negligence from their part. Educate and train all the employees on the security threats and data usage concerns including best practices to follow, rules, and regulations.

Let us know about your big data and privacy concerns and how you tackle them in the comment section below.

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